Authentic North Indian Menu


Vegetable Samosas £6.95 Spring Rolls £5.95 Mogo (boiled) £5.95 Maree Aloo £7.95 Chilli Paneer £9.95 Chilli Mushroom £8.95 Onion Bhajia £6.95 Paneer Tikka £10.95 Crispy Mixed Bhajia £7.95 Hara Bhara Kebab £7.95 Papri Chaat £7.95 Aloo Tikki £8.95 Mixed Vegetarian Platter £12.95 Basket Papad £4.00 Chilli Chips £6.50 Masala Chips £6.25 Cheesy Chips £5.95 Crispy Potato £6.95 Maree Mogo £6.95 Fried Mogo £6.25 Chilli Garlic Mogo £7.95 Paneer Tikka Wrap £9.95 Bhindi Kurkuri £10.95

Starters: Non-Vegetarian

CHICKEN Chilli Chicken £11.95 Jeera Chicken £10.95 Maree Chicken £10.95 Tandoori Chicken Half: £9.95 Tandoori Chicken Full: £16.95 Chicken Tikka £10.95 Chicken Tikka Wrap £10.95 Chilli Wings £9.95 Chicken 65 £10.95 Chicken Pakora £10.95 Tandoori Wings £10.95 Chicken Lollipop £10.95 LAMB Meat Samosas £6.95 Shish Kebab £11.95 Lamb Chops £14.95 Lamb Tikka £14.95 Lamb Tikka Wrap £12.95 Chilli Lamb £14.95 Kebab Wrap £11.95 Mixed Grill £26.95 SEAFOOD Fish Tikka £12.95 Fish Amritsari £11.95 Calamari £11.95 Tandoori King Prawns £22.95 Special Tandoori Tiger King Prawns £36.00 Special Chilli and Garlic Tiger Prawns £35.00 Chilli & Garlic Tiger Prawns £22.95

Main Course: Vegetarian

Methi Aloo £9.95 Fresh methi leaves cooked with potatoes and onion with selected Indian spices Saag Bhaji £9.95 Fresh spinach cooked in fresh ginger, garlic and butter Saag Aloo £9.95 Fresh spinach and potatoes, mildly spiced Jeera Aloo £9.95 Steamed potatoes stir fried with cumin and a mix of garlic & ginger Corn Masala £9.95 Sweetcorn cooked with garlic, ginger,onion and tomato gravy Channa Masala £9.95 Chickpeas cooked with tomato and Indian spices Tarka Daal £9.95 Mixed lentils cooked with ginger, garlic and cumin seed Daal Makhani £9.95 Our house speciality of a combination of lentils simmered ginger, butter and cream Bombay Aloo £9.95 Potatoes cooked with mustard seeds, curry leaves and tomato gravy Mushroom Bhaji £9.95 Fresh button mushrooms cooked with onion, tomato and bell pepper in thick gravy Mutter Paneer £9.95 Cottage cheese and peas cooked in a special homemade sauce Karahi Paneer £9.95 Cottage cheese cooked with ginger, mixed bell pepper and onion and tomato sauce Saag Paneer £9.95 Aloo Gobi £10.95 Curry Sauce £3.95

Main Course: Non-Vegetarian

CHICKEN Chicken Masala £10.95 Boneless chicken cooked in an onion gravy Methi Chicken £10.95 Chicken cooked with onion in a tomato gravy with methi leaves Chicken Jalfrezi £10.95 Boneless chicken cooked with green chillies, bell pepper, tomato and onion in a spicy sauce Chicken Bhuna £11.95 Chicken cooked with a well spiced curry in a thick sauce Karahi Chicken £10.95 Boneless chicken cooked with ginger, garlic and mixed with bell pepper in a tomato and onion sauce Chicken Madras £10.95 Off the bone chicken cooked in onion gravy - Hot & Tangy Saag Chicken £11.95 Boneless chicken cooked with fresh spinach and selected Indian spices Chicken Tikka Masala £11.95 Chef special. Barbequed boneless chicken cooked with the chef’s spices and sauce (N.B. Cashew nuts are used in this dish) Chicken Korma £10.95 Boneless chicken with onion and cashew nuts in a creamy sauce Butter Chicken (on-the-bone) Full £26.00 Half £13.95 Butter Chicken (boneless) £11.95 Chicken cooked in a silky smooth sauce of tomato spices and finished with cream and butter Special Chicken DS (Chef’s Special) £17.95 Chicken Dhansak £12.95 Chicken Vindaloo £12.95 LAMB Lamb Masala £12.95 Lamb on the bone cooked with onion, tomato and other selected spices Karahi Lamb £12.95 Lamb on the bone cooked with ginger, bell pepper in an onion and tomato sauce Saag Lamb £12.95 Lamb on the bone cooked with fresh spinach, ginger, garlic, onion and tomato sauce Lamb Ra Ra £14.95 Lamb cooked with ginger capsicum, selected spices and fennel Keema Curry £12.95 Lamb mince cooked with ginger, garlic, onion, tomato and whole Indian spices Lamb Bhuna £12.95 Lamb cooked with a well spiced curry in a thick sauce Lamb Madras £12.95 Lamb on the bone Lamb Korma £12.95 Special Lamb DS (Chef’s Special) £19.95 Lamb Nihari £19.95 Lamb Dhansak £14.95 Lamb Jalfrezi £14.95 Lamb Vindaloo £14.95 BIRYANI Lamb Biryani Lucknowi £18.25 Spring lamb marinated in curd and mint, cooked with Basmati rice and finished in traditional Nawabi style. Cucumber raita is served as an accompaniment Chicken Biryani Hydrabadi £15.95 Tender chicken breast marinated in curd and mint, cooked with Basmati rice and finished in traditional Nawabi style. Cucumber raita is served as an accompaniment Prawn Biryani £20.95 King prawns marinated in curd and mint, cooked with Basmati rice and finished in traditional Nawabi style. Cucumber raita is served as an accompaniment Vegetarian Biryani £13.95 Fresh vegetables marinated in curd and mint, cooked with Basmati rice and finished in traditional Nawabi style. Cucumber raita is served as an accompaniment Lamb Keema Biryani £16.95 Pot dish made with spiced minced meat, Basmati rice and aromatic spice

Indo-Chinese Menu

Crispy Sweetcorn £9.95 Soft Shell Crab £15.95 Scallop Chilli Garlic £15.95 Chilli Garlic Mussels £13.95 Peri-Peri Chicken £12.95 Sweet and Sour Chicken £12.95 Chicken Manchurian £10.95 Vegetable Manchurian £9.95 Sesame Lamb £14.95 Chicken Noodle £15.95 Prawn Noodle £17.95 Vegetable Noodle £13.95 Garlic Chilli Noodle £13.95

English Menu


Tomato & Basil Soup with Roll


Minestrone Soup with Roll


Leek & Potato Soup with Roll


Mushroom Soup with Roll


Caesar Salad (Chicken Or Prawn)

£9.95 / £10.95

Deep Fried Scotch Egg with Piccalilli and Chips


Smoked Salmon & Avocado Salad / Lettuce & English Dressing


Deep Fried Scampi with Tartare Sauce and Chips £10.95 Glazed Pork Ribs with BBQ Sauce, Salad & Chips £15.95 MAINS Carvery £19.95 Kids Carvery £11.95 Choice of Roast Beef, Turkey, Chicken, Gammon, Lamb & Six Vegetables Ham, Egg & Chips £12.95 All Day Breakfast £13.95 2 Bacon, 2 Eggs, 2 Sausages, 2 Hash Browns, Mushrooms in Garlic Butter Beans and Toast Pan Grilled Salmon & Seabass in Lemon Butter Sauce £15.95 Beer Battered Cod & Chips £14.95 Lamb Shanks with Red Wine Sauce £16.95 Classic Jacket Potato with Beans & Cheese £11.95 Add Tuna, Prawn Cocktail or Bolognese for an additional £2.00 per item Spaghetti Bolognese or Arrabiata £13.95 Spaghetti King Prawn Provencal £14.95 Chilli Con Carne £11.95 Shepherd’s Pie £11.95 Classic Beef Lasagne served with Garlic Bread £13.95 Bangers and Mash £13.95 Beef Steak or Chicken and Leek Pie £17.95 Special Salad £7.95 Chips £5.25 From The Grill Choice of Steak with Grilled Tomato, Mushrooms £44.95 Green Peppercorn Sauce Sirloin (14oz) - Rib Eye(14oz) - T-Bone(14oz) - Rump(14oz) Burgers and Sandwiches Beef, Lamb or Chicken Burger £14.95 Veggie Burger served with Onion Marmalade & Cheese £10.95 Breakspear Arms Club Sandwich [Chicken, Bacon & Fried Eggs] £11.95 B.L.T. Sandwich £10.95 Mini Steak Sandwich & Onion Confit £10.95 Served in a Baguette with Melted Cheese Mexican Cajun Chicken £11.95 Served in a Ciabatta Bread with Cajun Mayo & Salad
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Where East Meets West



Plain Naan


Garlic Naan


Peshawari Naan


Turbo Naan


Keema Naan


Tandoori Roti


Lachha Parantha


Butter Naan £2.50 Bhature £4.35 Onion Kulcha £4.95 Aloo Parantha £4.25 Chilli Garlic Naan £3.95 Chilli Naan £3.95 Cheese Naan £3.95


Basmati rice


Jeera Rice


Pilau Rice


Peas Pilau


Egg Fried Rice


Mushroom Rice



Bhindi Masala


Chopped Okra stir fried in a wok

with a mixture of mild spices

Stuffed Kerala


Kerala filled with a mixture of

ginger, garlic, onions, potatoes

and lightly stir fried on a Tawa

(hot plate)

Paneer Makhani


Paneer cooked in chefs special

buttery masala sauce and

cashew nuts

Baighan Bharta (ORO)


Aubergines roasted in Tandoor

and stir fried with a touch of

ginger, garlic, onions and


Special Saag £10.95 Egg Curry £11.95 Mix Vegetable Curry £11.95 Kadi Pakora £10.95 Egg Bhurji £11.95 Paneer Bhurji £10.95


Prawn Tawa Masala


King Prawn tossed with selected

spices, onion and tomato.

Served on a hot platter

Goan Fish Curry


Chef special. Tilapia fish cooked

in coconut milk and tomato

sauce with garlic, ginger and


Fish Masala


An all time favourite authentic

fish preparation

Prawn Korma £17.95


Punjabi Salad


Mixed Raita




Mixed Salad


Masala Papad


Roasted/Fried Papad



Chicken Nuggets


and Chips

Bangers & Mash


Fish Fingers & Chips


Pizza Margherita


Pizza Pollo


Hot Dog and Chips


Mac & Cheese


Pasta with Meatballs


Pasta with Tomato £7.95 Basil Sauce


Desserts can be served with

your choice of vanilla ice cream,

cream or custard

Apple Crumble


Lemon Cheese Cake


Fudge Cake


Creme Brulee




INDIAN DESSERTS Kulfi £4.50 Indian ice-cream Gulab Jamun £4.25 Fried dough balls soaked in sweet sticky syrup Ras Malai £4.50 Spongy soft cheese dumplings cooked in sugar syrup and soaked in creamy cardomom saffron milk Garjar Kahalwa (Homemade) £4.75 Carrot based sweet dessert
We also offer a wake menu which can be found here